We are thrilled to have many great friends travelling in to contribute at the gathering, just have a read below at our awesome seminar line-up...


Maturing in the Prophetic - Christine Westhoff / Chris Leech
We long to see a new wave of prophetic voices released in Ireland in a mature and healthy way.  Christine Westhoff has a proven track record in hearing from God and encouraging the church in a number of different nations. She is also committed to discipling people in the prophetic within a New Testament apostolic paradigm and longs to see more people released in this God-given grace. Christine serves on the leadership of 24-7 Global Boiler Room Network Team.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality- Maggie Ellis
If we want to follow Jesus for the long haul, especially in positions of leadership and influence we must learn how do intentional ‘soul work’. We want to be a church not simply of gifted leaders but those who are beautiful in soul and leading with a radiant Christlikeness.  Maggie through her own research and experiences of leadership, on top of coaching many leaders over the years, will bring some hard-won insights on how to stay emotionally healthy in the front-line of ministry. 

Knowing Life’s Seasons: Enjoying God’s favour in different ‘times of life’ - Roger Ellis 
As sure as the seasons of the year change - Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring - so will each of us endure changing seasons in our personal lives. Yet so often we hear little teaching in the church on how to transition change well. Roger through personal experiences and a number of successful ministry succession transitions has some vital wisdom to impart about how we can know the season we are in and prepare for the changes as and when they come. 


No Neutral Ground - Pete Portal 
Pete and Sarah Portal share their home with young men seeking freedom from gang life and drug addiction in Manenberg, one of South Africa's most dangerous communities. Their story, full of mighty works of God as well as heartbreaking tragedy, shows that when it comes to Jesus' promise of life in it's fullness there really is no neutral ground.

Re-Thinking Evangelism - Craig Westhoff
There are many differing opinions of Evangelism.  What really is it? What is the real message we want to communicate? Craig Westhoffis a natural and infectious evangelist passionate about the church understanding the adventure and fun of sharing Jesus in everyday life. 

The Life of a Revivalist - David Legge
LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, LORD. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy. We long for a move of God in Ireland. What will it take? And how do the stories of previous revivals inspire us and challenge us about what God wants to do today? David has been a student of revival history for a number of years and passionately longs for God to do a ‘new’ thing in Ireland.

Seminars will run on:
Friday: 2:30pm & 4:00pm
Saturday: at 2:30pm