At the heart of Tobar is a long-term commitment to helping lay new apostolic foundations in the land through a renewed understanding of, and training in, the five-fold ministry. In order for this to happen we recognise a new   pathway of leadership development is required to be implemented enabling the equipping and resourcing of a new generation of pioneers and disciple-makers. 

Tobar Training Pathway currently consists of: 


Targeting 18-25’s, the internship is a 9 month programme focused on intentional investment in young leaders. The investment involves teaching and training in spiritual formation, personal development and ministry opportunity, all whilst being immersed in the life of an apostolic hub, learning the fundamentals of the church locally and translocally. 


Ignite is a 7 month 'School of Destiny’, teaching and discipling individuals to a renewed understanding of who they were born to be and what they were born to do! Ignite Modules include: 

  • The God Story
  • The Father Heart of God
  • Free to Fly (Walking in Inheritance)
  • The Way (Life of a Disciple)
  • Naturally Supernatural 

Leadership Training Program (LTP)

LTP is a 3 month leadership course focusing on high-level leadership training with those on whom a discernible grace to leadership within the local church is recognised.

Learning Cohorts

Cohort is a small ongoing learning community for those pioneering and playing a catalytic lead role in the five-fold ministries.  Cohort is hosted in a Socratic learning environment, where mutual encouragement and apostolic input is given.