We are so excited to invite you to our second ever Tobar Conference on 14th-15th June 2019. Last year, our first Tobar conference, was a stunning occasion. Stories of the effects of prophetic encounters, kingdom conversations and inspirational teaching continue to filter back to us. We are just in awe and incredibly grateful for the kindness of Jesus in all of this and the genuine moving of His Spirit upon us.

This year we are full of anticipation for what the Lord wants to do. The theme for this year is ‘Leading from the Known to the Unknown.’As we gaze prayerfully into the land we are more and more convinced that only a supernatural move of the Spirit can turn the hearts and minds of people to Jesus. We sense that a radical renewal of the church in Ireland is happening and a new wineskin is required to steward the new wine that will be poured out in the coming days. A courageous kind of leadership is needed in these days that is full of God-breathed daring hope and imagination if we are going to be true to our primary vocation - fulfilling the Great Commission.

As such, we sense that over the two days God has called us to curate a space where His Spirit can move in power and freedom. We have organised some top-class input but we have also purposefully designed the days to allow for intentional space for the ministry of the Holy Spirit. All of those bringing input are key friends who know they are stepping into a particular moment with us and are preparing as such. We will also be opening up the opportunity for prophetic appointments which last year where truly life-changing moments for many people.